• Hi all,

    I have noticed that a lot of articles do not fit into the usual infobox based article type that wikis are used to and, for this reason, I have had to create a new type of template: definition templates.

    For articles such as those discussing governmental roles, rules and theories, we should apply this new article so that our readers can have clear concise information.

    The template should look like this:

    A definition.

    History of word/theory/role/rule.

    How the word may be used in a sentence, real examples are even better!

    And can be seen in use on the Hung Parliament page.

    To use it, simply type into an article:

    {{Definition|A definition.|History of word/theory/role/rule.|How the word may be used in a sentence, real examples are even better!}}

    I hope to see us use this more widely on the wiki as it will help us develop consistency, make our articles more accessible and inspire us to produce more, detailed articles.

    Thank you for your continued support,

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