Election - Live

Exit Poll

The exit poll predicts the Conservative Party will be the largest party but short of a majority.

Here are the seat predictions:
Con - 314
Lab - 266
SNP - 34
LD - 14
PC - 2
GRN - 1
UKIP - 0
Other - 18

Note: This is just a prediction and not the actual result.

Latest Seats

Swindon North: Conservative hold.
Kettering: Conservative hold.
Nuneaton: Conservative hold.
Broxbourne: Conservative hold.
Basildon and Billericay: Conservative hold.
Basildon South: Conservative hold.
Harrogate & Knaresborough: Conservative hold.
Swindon South: Conservative hold.
Carlisle: Conservative hold.
Chelmsford: Conservative hold.
Harlow: Conservative hold.
Rayleigh and Wickford: Conservative hold.
Dover: Conservative hold.
Putney: Conservative hold.
Hertsmere: Conservative hold.
Stratford-on-Avon: Conservative hold.
Norfolk South: Conservative hold.
Havant: Conservative hold.
Warwickshire North: Conservative hold.
Angus: Conservative gain.
Castle Point: Conservative hold.
Yeovil: Conservative hold.
Folkestone and Hythe: Conservative hold.
Erewash: Conservative hold.
Fareham: Conservative hold.
Bracknell: Conservative hold.
Torbay: Conservative hold.
Cannock Chase: Conservative hold.
Hemel Hempstead: Conservative hold.
Bedrodshire Mid: Conservative hold.

Change from 2015

Vale of Clwyd:Con -> Lab
Angus: SNP -> Con
Battersea: Con -> Lab

Latest Seats

Newcastle Central: Labour hold.
Houghton and Sunderland South: Labour hold.
Sunderland Central: Labour hold.
Newcastle East: Labour hold.
Washington and Sunderland West: Labour hold.
Newcastle North: Labour hold.
Workington: Labour hold.
Darlington: Labour hold.
Middlesborough: Labour hold.
South Shields: Labour hold.
Jarrow: Labour hold.
Llanelli: Labour hold.
Wrexham: Labour hold.
Halton: Labour hold.
Rutherglen and Hamilton West: Labour gain.
Leigh: Labour hold.
Stockton North: Labour hold.
Birkenhead: Labour hold.
Wigan: Labour hold.
Tooting: Labour hold.
Makerfield: Labour hold.
West Bromwich East: Labour hold.
Ogmore: Labour hold.
Knowsley: Labour hold.
Burnley: Labour hold.
Vale of Clwyd: Labour gain.
Clwyd South: Labour hold.
Warley: Labour hold.
Tynemouth: Labour hold.
Wallasey: Labour hold.
Newport East: Labour hold.
Oxford East: Labour hold.
Barnsley East: Labour hold.
Tyneside North: Labour hold.
Sefton Central: Labour hold.
West Bromwich West: Labour hold.
Wolverhampton North East: Labour hold
Hartlepool: Labour hold.
Islwyn: Labour hold.
St Helens North: Labour hold.
Torfaen: Labour hold.
Liverpool Riverside: Labour hold.
Battersea: Labour gain.
Stockton South: Labour gain.
Gateshead: Labour hold.
St Helens South and Whiston: Labour hold.
Ealing Central: Labour hold.
Caerphilly: Labour hold.
Preston: Labour hold.
Wirral West: Labour hold.
Pontypridd: Labour hold.

Change from 2015

Rutherglen and Hamilton West: SNP -> Lab.
Vale of Clwyd:Con -> Lab
Battersea: Con -> Lab

Scottish National Party
Latest Seats

Paisley & Renfrewshire South: SNP hold.
Kilmarnock and Loudoun: SNP hold.
Dunbartonshire West: SNP hold.
Dundee East: SNP hold.
Dundee West: SNP hold.

Change from 2015

Rutherglen and Hamilton West: SNP -> Lab.
Angus: SNP -> Con

Liberal Democrats
Latest Seats
Change from 2015

Plaid Cymru
Latest Seats

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr: Plaid hold.
Arfon: Plaid hold.

Change from 2015

Green Party
Latest Seats
Change from 2015

United Kingdom Independence Party
Latest Seats
Change from 2015

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